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[japanese fish collagen nano peptides]Foshan Zincheng District launched a nucleic acid detection of the new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic control headquarters in Foshan Zen District released the announcement, Chancheng is scheduled to live in the whole district at 12 oclock in the afternoon of May 28th. Carry out all kinds of nucleic acid detection. The district will strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control management measures, and the community (hunting committee) is the main set of nucleic acid detection points. The new crown vaccine (including the first needle or second needle) has been vaccinated within 24 hours●◆, which is not included in this nucleic acid detection. On May 27th▪★, the Chancheng District found 1 case of new crown virus as symptomatic infection in the close contact person in Guangzhous invisible infection. (Reporter Xu Hongyi) [Editor: Su Yiy▲▼•.

Original title: At the beginning of May, the non-action certificate “only run” does not move the property rights certificate can logistics delivery. Implement a window to transfer business a window. When applying for a list of list▷▽=, the time limit is reduced from 10 working days to 5 working days◆▽▼•. In the future▷■•, Beijing housing sales, real estate registration will become more convenient◇◆▲▪. From April 1, Beijings real estate registration time limit will be compressed as the day or 5 working days▷○▪. From May◁…▼□, the transfer of house rights will be •▷”one-stop◆•▽◁”, which means that the net sign=◇, pay taxes and certificates of the running legs will be compressed to just run△◁. Recently, Beijing released “Internet + real estate registration” reform implementation plan “and” Notice on Further Optimizing Business Environment Renewal Time Limits “, focusing on the public production and life is clo.

Original title: The representative member is hot discussion on “Impatant Network”, with a generation of children youth to change the 100 billion profit value? Future network Beijing March 12th is the online game overall revenue of 218.96 billion yuan◁▽▼◆, which is equivalent to the good news of the Global Film Box Office. One is a tragedy of the 12-year-old teenager☆○-. Is there a good time behind the fast development of online games★▽■•, is it at the expense of damage to your teenagers? During the national two sessions, youth addicted online game issues, triggered representatives of the National Peoples Congress and the CPPCC. Even members have anger to anger: “Online games should kill…▪!…▽” “Online games are mentally drugs.” Members of the National Political Consultative Conference, the Dean of Tangshan Peoples Hospital•▲▽◇, said, to control online games like controlling drugs. Because I saw some childrens addiction online games almost b. making jelly pectin gelatin methacrylate Pectin manufacturer.

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