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[global protein and agriculture industry]Zhongxin Net Shenyang May 27th (Li Wei) According to the news conference message held on the 27th of the Shenyang Municipal Government Information Office○◇, 2021 “Shengjing Cup” Shenyang Industrial Design Competition officially launched. Industrial design is known as the soul of industrial civilization. Industrial design has become a global new economic growth point and important support. Many developed countries and emerging industries have attached great importance to industrial design, regarding their key elements that achieve economic intensive growth and advancing national innovation strategies. Zhao Kai, deputy director of Shenyang Innovation Transformation Center, said that 2021 “Shengjing Cup” Shenyang Industrial Design Competition has been listed as one of the major activities of the municipal government this year. This competition is from the Lord of the Peoples Government of Shenyang Municip.

Original title•=•: ignite●•▪! This “China Team” has been “kick” in Belarus 3rd■◆▲, and Belarus holds a grand independent day parade. At the invitation department of the Belarus, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army guards participate in this parade. Among more than 10 formal readers, 66 Peoples Liberation Army guards were in accordance with Russian letters. The Liberation Army honor includes three national flag group members▼…, and three team leaders and 60 shots of the commando knives are divided into 6 columns. The average age is less than 21 years old☆•□▲, with an average height of 186 cm•▪★. When I walked through the Guantai, the action was uniform. The pace was firm and powerful☆…. I got out of the Belarusian military parade◁☆…○, highlighting the national power. China s Russian ambassador Cui Qiming said after the military parade●★, the P collagen beauty drinks insect protein in us food industry◇▽○ taking charge of proteins from neurodegeneration to industrial biotechnology!

Original title: News About Us. how is jello manufactured! The Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress decided to appoint the Secretary-General of the Provincial Government and the principal responsible person of the Provincial Government on March 31, the second meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee held a second plenary meeting, the meeting passed the vote▲=, decided: Chen Xinyi Zhejiang Province Secretary-General of the Peoples Government; Meng Gang is director of the Development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang Province△◇; Zhang Geng is director of the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission; Guo Huayuan is a long; Gigang is responsible for the Hall of Zhejiang Science and Technology Department•▼; Director of the Zhejiang Provincial National Religious Commission; Wang Shuangquan, served as the director of the Public Security Department of Zhejiang Province-△●; Wang Jianhou was long★▲=▲; Maipei was a director of the Justice Department of Zhejiang Province; Xu Yuing was a long; Wang Wen sequence (female ) Ren Zhejiang Human Resourc.

Original title: 2018 National Director of the National Overseas Chinese Affairs Office: China has never used the overseas Chinese to endanger the Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office●★•●, and answer the reporters on the “Ministerial Channel○◆”. Beijing News reporter Tao Yuxi Xin Beijing News News (Reporter Wu Zi Zhang Wei) Today (March 3)■★▽, the first ministerial channel of the ○◇=○”two sessions” in the northern hall of the Great Hall of the People. Director of the Overseas Chinese Office said in the “Ministerial Channel”●○▪☆, China has never used the overseas Chinese and the overseas school work to do anything that harms the interests of other countries. I hope that the relevant aspects can be objectively viewing overseas Chinese, respect and maintain their legitimate legitimate rights and interests. A reporter talked about that the media in a minority in hyperfeit overseas Chinese questions and so-called Chinese ostensorphism▽●=▼. In this regard, Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office==▷△, said that the Chinese people have moved oversea?