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[lentil protein industry]On September 1▲★…=, 2016, Wuhan Jiangxia Pinkou, General Motor Production Line. Image Source☆△: Visual China Original Title: Negotiations are gradually promoted China-US trade warfare◇★●, and it is expected to retreat. With China-US officials to negotiate, the smoke and fog of trade war have gradually spread△◁□. For the result of the negotiation, the senior officials of the two governments have also released the prudent optimistic signal. In this round of trade consultations, senior officials of Trump require China to reduce tariffs for imported vehicles▲•◇, allowing foreign-funded financial services companies to enter the Chinese market, and buy more semiconductor products produced in the United States. Reuters quoted the peoples words, these are the goals that the US Trendymnkin and the US trade representative of LeTheze hopes to reach in the negotiations in Beijing. In addition, Nugin is considering going to Beijin□-□★.

Original title…▪☆☆: New Defense Minister Wei Feng and the first visit▲★, why choose Russia▷•▼? On the afternoon of March 29, at the Department of Defense, the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, deputy director of the Ministry of Defense▽△★, the Department of Defense, the Department of Defense, released: At the Russian Defense Minister Shaoji■★, the Belarus National Defense Minister Lavco◇=…, the invitation, Wei Feng and the Minister of State Committee and Minister of Defense will participate in Russia to Russia and visit Russia and Belarus from April 1st to 8th. During the visit●•△=, Wei Minister will exchange views on the further development of bilateral relations, deepening military sectors, international and regional situations, etc. This visit will further promote the development of defense and military relations with the above countries. “Police NEWS☆▼” (WeChat ID…◇=■: △◁★?

Original title☆…★: The former deputy minister of the Ministry of Justice: Guanjin Qincheng Prison, the incomplete level of the National Peoples Congress, Zhang Shujun…▪, the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Justice, accepted exclusive interview with “political incident□•-☆” (WeChat ID: xjbzse). Zhang Sujun, who has worked in the Job Department, talked about the management of corrupt officials in prisons☆▪●▷. This year■▪▼, 999 criminals in the Spring Festival, the relationship between the Spring Festival, the relationship between the judicial department and the lawyers. When I talked about the management of prisons, Zhang Sujuns bluntly said that there is a certain looseness of imprison officials in management, mainly to prevent them from suicide. However▽☆, in the implementation of the law, the commutation of the commutation is strict with ordinary prisoners. Guan Qincheng prison, not completely watching the level △☆•-“political incident” (WeChat ID: xjbzse): After 1.Pectin manufacturer.