120 bloom gelatin – gelatin 280 bloom

[pharmaceutical grade gelatin]Original title: Changsheng biological name, 34 bank accounts are all frozen 2.8 billion investment projects New Beijing News China New Beijing News (Reporter Li Yunqi) On July 30, listed company ST Changsheng (Original Securities★◆△: Changsheng Biology The publishing announcement says that the company and the entire subsidiary of the company have all been frozen△▽▼, the companys planned total investment of 1☆…○▲.6 billion yuan of raised funds and 1.2 billion subsidiary industrial park project have been suspended. ST is known, because the account is frozen, the company cannot pay the raised fund project and the subsidiary industrial park project, the waterpox vaccine rabie vaccine workshop technology transformation project▲◆, vaccine product research and development project, marketing network construction project★▽▪, information construction project is suspended The subsidiary industrial park project is also suspende.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Supreme Checklist Cao Jianming★◁◇: Representing All recommendations will be notified of the National Procuratorate Xinyang News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) today (March 10)•△-, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting, Sichuan The delegation considered two high reports, the National Peoples Congress, the highest inspection and supervisor Cao Jianming said▷◁●, will listen to representative opinions and suggestions, all of the representatives, the highest inspection will carefully◆△, analyze, and report to the national procuratorate=-▪▪. “I only wake up our question, we have the direction○•▷.◆△□▲” After listening to 14 representatives of the Sichuan delegation, Cao Jianming summarized the 10 opinions made by the representative, including increasing telecommunications network fraud▼○★…, illegal fundraising Strengthening the strike of crime, strengthening the intellectual property judicial protection, vigorously fighti!

Original title○•: The original news spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense confirmed the execution of the DPSCAC [Global Times – Global Network Reporting Reporter Guo Yuan Dan] “Global Times” reporter confirmed that the departure department of the Ministry of Defense last August Director•□▼△, the Department of Defense News▪△◇, Yang Yuxi, has been served as the Dean of the Media Media Media Media Media Media. On March 29th★◇, a “China Communication University Document” was circulated on the Internet. He mentioned that Yang Yuxi has served as Dean of the Media Media Media Media Media Media Media Media○△, and Dong Guanpeng no longer serves as the president of the Media and Public Affairs Institute. Subsequently, the “Global Times” reporter will pay attention to Yang Yujun-•□, and the Yang Yujun himself confirmed=□. In August 2017, Yang Yujun chose autonomous career after approved, and became the first active choice exi gelatin 280 bloom 120 bloom gelatin About Us i notice you are in the protein nutrition industry! gelatin chemical formula!