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[frozen collagen]Original title: Chinas fifth branch to Liberiavi and police violence: patrol mileage can around the equator half source◆•: View Chinese resilience to the Liberiavi and police violence team participated in joint drills. Reporter That Chart Level Evening News (Reporter Li Yang “pays more than 700 times of patrol diligence, the police force is 130,000▷◆, and the mileage is 110…▼,000 kilometers. It can take a half of the equator. It is the true record of Chinas fifth to Liberiavi and police violence in the past year to implement the task. This team has completed various peacekeeping tasks, and has achieved “six historical breakthroughs”◇◆. Recently◆△•, the players worn 140 UN •▷◁”Peace Medals” to return to the motherland◆•★□, full of praise from the Liberian people and the international communit!

Original title: Beijing revised atmospheric pollution control regulations△▷-▪: motor vehicle emissions unqualified, the driver will be punished on March 30th, the third meeting of the Fifteenth National Peoples Congress Standing Committee considered and voted ●◆◇”Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress Standing The Committee on the Amendment of Seven Local Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Treatment in Beijing▽☆○, ●▽”The newly revised regulations will be implemented on the date of the announcement▷=. Wang Delin, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee, from the source to the end, introduced Wang Delin-▽, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress★■□, from September 2017□◇◇=, Beijing has cleaned up the currently effective 136 local regulations▷◇=, the prevention and control of air pollution, water pollution prevention Seven regulations such as regulations, there is a situation in administering management rights▽☆■, management measures, prohibiting behavior◁-, legal responsibility and the upper law ruled inconsiste!

Original title: Tax talent adjustment expectations The fastest in the second half of the year has always been one of the topics of the worlds two sessions. Since 2011, the tax threshold is increased to 3,500 yuan-☆▲•, and the tax reform has finally ushered in substantial big actions in seven years. Experts said, according to the principle of taxation, adjust the tax gauge need to enter the legislative procedure, and appropriate adjustments according to the comments•-, expect to land in the second half of the year. This years government work report proposes that it is necessary to increase the deduction of personal income tax, increasing childrens education◇★▽, major illness and other special expenses▼▪▽◇, reasonable reduction, encouraging the people to increase income through labor…◁, and move towards wealth. On March 7▽▼□○, Shi Yaobin, deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, said that my countrys tax is now a model levy, which is transformed into a ◆▼”integrated and classification□…•★” tax syste types of gelatin sheets▼□ what is bovine halal!

Original title: National Taiwan Affairs Office: “Taiwan independence” artist participates in film mainland prohibition release [Global Network Comprehensive Report] National Taiwan Affairs Office held a routine press on March 28th, in response to the Taiwanese film “Strong Nik Kaike” starring Coke There have been “Taiwan independence” words and deeds□■◇, and the spokesperson Afeng Mountain, the spokesperson of China☆◁○★. When there is a reporter, it is said that the Taiwan movie ▽▲■”Strong Ni Kaike•◁◇○” is about to be released in the mainland=…. Recently, some netizens said that one of the starring of this movie has said the words and deeds of “Taiwan independence”, and supports his father, movie director Ke Yizheng “Taiwan independence” stand◁▪☆▼, support Taiwans “Times Power”▪◁▷▪. In this regard▽★◁, An Feng Mount said that the relevant authorities have mastered this situation, and it is said that they will not allow “Taiwan independence” position and ••●”Taiwan independence” to participate in the mainlan collagen gummies private label-•▷…!

Original title: The ministers brought good news! The first one is in the first △▼”Minister of Tactors” in the country in 2018, held in the afternoon of the Peoples Games…■▷△. Minister of Education Chen Baosheng, Director of the Ministry of Overseas Chinese•◁=▷, Zhang Jun, Minister of Justice▷▷•-, Wang Guoqiang▲△▪☆, director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine•▷◆…, Liu Yuzhu◇•▷, director of the State Cultural Relics Bureau, etc., “Minister Talk▲•★”, the front reporter of the Peoples Network grabbed the opportunity, help netizens We ask for a ministerial. What are the various problems concerned about the people? Xiaobian helps you organize◆==, come and see□=▲… collagen beauty! Minister of Education, Chen Bao□=●: Ensuring that the salary of primary and secondary school teachers will not be less than civil servants will enhance the teacher status through 6 things▷△▼△: one, improve the status treatment; two reforms, reform the teacher equipped system▲••; Sany, Zhenxing Normal Education; four, strengthen Teacher u.Pure collagen,