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Contacts.[vital proteins collagen peptides fish]Xu Qiang, male, Han nationality, born in March 1950, Linyi, Shandong, July 1966, July 1967, July•□▲, June 1967, joined the Chinese Communist Party=▲▽, the Air Forces fifth aviation school graduated◆★☆▼, college degree. He is currently a member of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Peoples Republic of China and the Air Force▼•. From 1965 to 1966, Shandong Provincial Youth Ammio School, 1966-11, Air Force…■◆○, Air Force, Air Force, Air Force, 1966-1967, the army, the thirty-eighth army, one, two divisions, three or five groups, soldiers◁●, 1967-1968••▽, Air Force eight Aviation School Student 1968-1969 Air Force Fifth Aviation School Student 1969-1970 Air For-…•.

Original title: Minister of Education●○△•, Chen Baosheng○…▪, talks about traditional culture into the campus to do 3 things. Recently, the Ministry of Education said that the Ministry of Education received CCTV reporters in an interview with CCTV reporters in recent years, the Ministry of Education has also vigorously develops Chinese excellent traditional culture. Excellent traditional culture into the campus as a solid project and the soul project. First, the teachers cultivation is critical. To make the teachers of each school segment like excellent traditional culture, they can have this kind of cultivation, and they can ▪▽▽”all the mountains.○●▲” Second, the new primary and secondary school textbooks have added excellent traditional cultural content, especially the proportion of classic names○○•. At present, the proportion of excellent ancient poetry in primary and secondary school materials has been improved, this is necessary=•☆. Poetry Lang Lang, there is a rhythm▷■, read can adjust the body, and adjust the mood, the children will like it. The textbook must be bui▽★★•.

Original title: The Senior Sanctor of the State Council is a silent source: Changan Street, Im a written article Wei Zhang Ning “Who is your successor?☆•△” “You guess▪•-△!■○▼•” This dialogue occurred in the center of Madia The person who has answered the problem is the Chinese Peoples Bank of China. This morning, Zhou Xiaochuan attended the reporter meeting, answering questions about China and foreign journalists on the ▲▽”financial reform and development”. He personally stayed and became a topic of Chinese and foreign reporters chased▽▽. Since 2002, Zhou Xiaochuan began to serve as the President of the Central Bank, and has been 15 years since the beginning of the State Council. He was attended more than ten times during the two sessions. In this familiar occasion, he talks about financial reforms and renminbi internationalization, and also refutes some financial chaos△○. For so many years in the finan fish peptone fao protein sources for the animal feed industry protein bar industry growth grlatin!