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[china powdered gelatine]Original title: Duck Blood Pump Soup Regulation Standard Application? Nanjing: Studying Duck Blood Diversion Soup, which is the most authentic? Recently▲•△, Jiangsu Nanjing Food and Drug Administration responded that the local standards of duck blood powder soup are still in research▪-●•. The Nanjing Catering Chamber of Commerce is preparing for its application. Responsible Editor-=▷◁: Zhang ▼•○●.

Original title◇○•: (two conferences) Lian Yuming Committee: It is recommended to accelerate Beijing New Airport to explore China (Xiongan) Self Trading Hong Kong Construction Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 6th (Reporter Wu Menda, Ding Xiaoxi) Government Work Report, In proposing Beijing Non-Capital Function, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperation◁□-, high starting point planning-○▲…, high standard construction and high standard construction. The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the Dean of the Beijing International City Development Research Institute•■, Hai Yuming suggested that the construction of Xiongan New District is an opportunity to rely on Beijing New Airport, China (China) Free Trade Area, China (Xiongan) Free Trade Port. Lian Yuming believes that the Xiongan New District and the “Two Wings” of Beijing City Deputy Center have enriched sectors covering the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei parts. Relying on the Beijing New Airport Negotiation Economic Zone, Unicom Tianjin Trade Zone and Xiongan New District Innovation Development Demonstration Zo★•.

Original title: Northeast Zhenxing is a key view of Junhai Visual Chinese data map country to cure=◁, and politicism will rule. People are the most active, sustainable, most effective development factors, and the first resource that supports economic and social development. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the country should develop and talent is the key. Based on the historical orientation of the new era■△…, the Party Central Committee, the State Council gave the sacred mission of Northeast, and we must realize a new breakthrough in the key elements of “people”, use ■=▼”people▪■◆•” to lead the revitalization=▪, to stand in the mountains of the mountain The perspective of the perspective, with the urgent expectation of Xiangxiang★•★, with the good environment of love talent★•-, and praise the Northeast Zhenjing. First, the successful practice of emancipating the idea is more refined, the successful practice of reform and opening up, the successful practice of the 40 years shows us, every step of development, every breakthrough, every achieveme.Pectin manufacturer is beef gelatin halal fish collagen powder,