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About Us.[pure gelatin supplier]Original title: Chinas global high-pay digging pilot, the most difficult to ask for the companys best★▷△, Liu Chuanjian•▷=, China Sichuan Airlines, has recently realized a fire. When a flight to Lhasa encountered a windshield at 9■▼•,000 meters, he suddenly broke the dangers, he was successfully prepared for the Yidu Airport. Some people say, ▪•▷”This is a history of history.” Liu Chuanjian replied: ★◆▪•”I flew 100 this route, it should be more familiar.…▪●▲” In fact, this reflects a professionalism of a captain. At present, the experienced captain of Liu Chuanjian has become a need for people in the world, and even the pilots are also very popular-☆. According to ICAO estimates=▼●▪, by 2036, at least 620,000 flippers will be required to drive more than 100 civil aviation aircraft, 80% of them will be newly received in the futur○●▷◇.

Chinas new network Yancheng May 27th (as the name sieve Chen Pengfei Wu Fong) “The Ocean is the New World of the Human Civilization Development Resources and Development Space in the 21st Century▪◇▷, the development and utilization of marine wind power resources is to solve energy crises◁=◇▪, environmental crises and development. The difficulties in which people and natural harmony are involved□▽◆. “On the 27th★•■▷, the president of the China Ocean Engineering Consulting Association Sea Wind Power Branch▲□△, Cai Shao, in Jiangsu, the second wind power industry development forum, said. Shi Yang Power to build the new city of the International Maritime Wind Power Industry. Jiyang County Committee Propaganda Department held the first wind power industry development forum in 2019==. This years shooting is again “calling” the “big coffee▲★” in the sea wind power field, common business low carbon e▼☆▷.

Original title■■: Jiangsu Taixing tens of thousands of tons of chemical waste and sludge piles in the Yangtze River side tracking: further increase the rectification•▪, and 5 people have been sentenced from the Taixing Municipal Government on the 6th that two environmental protection not reported to the recent ecological environment As a problem, Taizhou, Taixing two-level discipline committee supervision committee intervened in the investigation, and 5 related responsible people have been punished•◆■. Taixing City Binjiang Town Tieguun Village is close to the sludge stacking pool of the shore of the Yangtze River (drone shooting on June 11)★▼▽★. Xinhua News Agency▪▪◇, Ji Chunpeng, took the June 11th, 20th, the Ecological Environment Department has also notified Taixing Binjiang Wastewater Treatment Co., Ltd. illegal and dumping sludge and Taixing Chemical Park, Yangzi Medical Waste Waste Waste, criticized Taixing City The government has not changed the issue of the China Environmental Protection Inspector, and there is a problem such as perfunctor▪■.

Original title: [Solution] This Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is not a recent tiger…◁◁▽. A circulation committee is not accidentally spread on the network. However, this time is not a tiger☆▲▷, but a group of grassroots officials on the ecological environment. This circulation of the central discipline committee, exposed 6 ecological environmental damage accountability typical issues, involving Tianjin, Hebei, Jiangsu, Anhui, Chongqing and Six provinces and cities in Gansu, have been notified of more than 40 people, all of the county township level Leading cadres○…◆◆. It is worth noting that this is the first time the Central Commission for the first time, the investigation of the responsibility in this field is notified. As the disciplinary inspection authority of the Party Central Committee◇◆●=, use the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to deal with the loss of murder of these grassroots▲▷▽◇, is it a cow knife? The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection not only controls the party discipline, but what is the section?