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[ae proteina industries inc jobstreet]China Xinwang Beijing May 26 (Chen Hang) Beijing Winter Olympics Committee Planning and Construction Department Liu Yin said on the 26th, the construction of the venue and energy supply is an important foundation and guarantee for the success of the Olympic Games★▷◇◁. It is also the focus of carbon emissions control. field. All new indoor venues in Beijing Winter Olympics reach a three-star standard of green buildings★▼◁, and there are both venues to achieve two star standards of green buildings through energy-saving transformation★◇. This is what the reporter learned from the press conference held from the Beijing Winter Olympics committee on the 26th. Make full use of the existing venue for the Beijing Winter Olympics to make full use of the National Swimming Center, National Stadium, Wukesong Sports Center, Capital Stadium, etc. Summer Museum, and apply the latest scientific and technological achievement!

Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Human Bureau issued an announcement “Tips for personal social security information security”▪★◆: Recently, I received the insured who reflected the “social security” mobile app to handle social security business and charged service charges. After investigation○•▽, the APP development company is Hangzhou Penjin Network Technology Co., Ltd.•-, without authorization of the human resources and social security department of our city, please do not download and use□☆-, beware of personal social security information. Chengdu Social Insurance Administration August 6, 2018 Source: Chengdu Municipal Human Bureau Website Editor: Huo △■★….

China News Agency, on May 27, China The ICAO Council on May 27th on its special session of the Navigation of Irish Ruian Airlines in Belarus◇▼-■, in Belarus◆=●-, and decided to start the fact investigation△▲◆▼. The International Civil Aviation Council believes that the Ruian Airlines FR4978 flights from the commercial flights were obviously forced to change the change in the Belarus airspace on May 23□▪★. The Council emphasizes the fact that the facts that have occurred must be identified whether there is an international civil aviation organization member states in violation of the International Civil Aviation Convention (Chicago Convention) and its accessories●▷. The Council decided to initiate the fact that this incide.

Zhongxin Net Zhaohot May 28th (Reporter Li Aiping) Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region•▼, China, China This will also mean that Inner Mongolia and △•■”One Belt All Road◇○●▪” economic and trade cooperation have opened new fields◁☆○. Official news, recently, Inner Mongolia Mengkai Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd□■. organized 10 second-hand commercial heavy trucks, and arrived at Mongolian countries in Yiduzhu, Qili, Inner Mongolia…△•, Xilin Guo Le Lee. According to corporate feedback, it plans to export 200 commercial heavy trucks from Mongolia in the year. Chinas new network reporter learned, November 2020, Inner Mongolia Erd. ankur protein industries ltd share price industrial application of protein purification About Us.

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