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[fish gelatin marshmallows]Zhongxin Network Lhasa May 28th (Xie Mu Gonggong) 28th-◆▷=, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the 70th anniversary of Tibet and the first flower art tourism culture festival in Lhasa City International City (hereinafter referred to as “Tibetan Tour Town”) officially opened. The picture shows the tourists take pictures in the glass flower house. Gongga to make this flower exhibition culture tourism, Tibetan performance, large light and shadow, Himalayan and Tibetan cultural museums=-●, special catering, shopping, leisure and entertainment, by Tibetan City and Yunnan Jinyuan Flower Union Create. Activities aim to promote the development of cultural, economic☆▼•, and tourism in the two places▷▽□. The picture shows the development of Tibetan societ□◇.

The General Office of the State Council forwarded the Securities Regulatory Commission on the implementation of some advice of the issuance of innovation enterprises or deputy visits to the pilot▪•☆☆, the province▷=■, autonomous region, municipality directly under the Central Government, the State Council, the direct institutions: the Securities Regulatory Commission Some comments on the pilot pilot pilot issued in innovative enterprises “” The State Council agreed△◁☆, now forwarded to you, please implement it carefully. The General Office of the State Council March 22, 2018 (this disclosure) About the issuance of the issuance of stocks or deposit vouchers in innovation enterprises to further increase the support of the implementation of innovative driving development strategy, according to the market Chemical, legalization principle▪==, learn from international experience, carry out innovative enterpris.

Original title…◆: Zhao Xinqun, Ren, Anhui Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, nominated as a director of March 8•△, 2018, the Anhui Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development House held a cadre meeting–◇▲. Provincial Government Vice Governor Zhou Xian attended the meeting and made an important speech. Zhu Chunxu, the Ministry of Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, and the director of the provincial talents, Zhu Chunxu, announced that the provincial party committee decided: Zhao Xinqun, the party secretary of the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, nominated to the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Office Director◇▪•…. Comrade Zhao Xinqun made a statement. The meeting was hosted by Wu Gui and Comrade, member of the party group, deputy director. Zhu Chunxu emphasized that the provincial party committee decided that the provincial party committee is very concerned about the work of the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development, high emphasis on the construction of the leadership team and cadres▷○. This time, the main responsible comrades are adjusted, and the work needs and promotes cadres. , Repeat.

Original title: Zhao Wei withdrew from Longwei Media Management△□, but still in the largest shareholder [observed network comprehensive report] Zhao Wei completely withdraws from Longwei Media Business Layer, no legal representative and executive position. Observer network found that July 30▽■, Tibet Longwei Culture Media Co☆★■◇., Ltd. (Longwei Media) has a statutory representative and executive change. The companys legal representative is changed from Zhao Wei to Peng Shengkai, manager▷…◁, and the executive director is also Zhao Wei Changed to Peng Shengkai, Zhao Wei completely withdrew from Longwei Media Management. The sky-eye check screenshots but the industrial and commercial information shows that the shares of the Dragon Mathematical equity has not yet occurred▼○▷, and Zhao Wei still holds 95% of the company■△●. Longwei Media registered in November 2016, registered capital of 2 million yuan=•, Zhao Wei shares 95%, Sun Dan shares 5%•=…◇. Day eye che.

Original title▷□: provoke trade war is a dangerous economic violence (International Forum) Sylvi Matti has taken a series of trade protectionist acts★△==, and its substance is unilateralism, the countrys right to freedom The economic theory of trade believes that no matter what happens◆■, the situation of trade freedom will generally be better than the results caused by various restrictions. In 1817, the principle of comparative advantage proposed by British classical economist David Li Jia Tu said that free trade is good, because by promoting fair competition-△, it is possible to reduce the price of basic consumer goods by promoting fair competition. At present, people have often contradictory and repeated awareness of free trade, and the same attitude has emerged after the end of World War II=▼. At that time, the opening of economy and trade made more and more people in the worl◆▽▼▲.