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[pig skin gelatin]Original title: The spirit of the great nation is the fundamental power of our progress “Peoples Daily” (March 23, 2018) a countrys prosperity, cant leave the struggle of the people; a nationality of the people, the support of the spirit. “The Chinese people have cultivated, inherited, and developed the great national spirit in the long-term struggle, providing strong spiritual motivation for Chinas development and human civilization★=□○.” General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 13th National Peoples Congress○-, affectionate, praise The Chinese nation•▲, the enthusiasm of the Chinese people, deeply explained the great national spirit of the Chinese nation. Great creative spirit◁▷…, great struggle, great solidarity, great dream spirit=○-△, portrayed the beautiful picture of hundreds of millions of people to build a common spiritual home, declared the Chinese children to create a new e.

The original title has been reported to the party discipline. Since the Nine•=☆, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department has reported that the investigation and investigation section of the Party discipline has notified 6 middle management cadres. It is worth noting that “the long-term sellers” “Privacy Extreme Expansion” “Serious Thought▷=” “Unknown” and other new words appear in the above notacies=◇●. Experts interviewed by reporters believe that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection uses new personalized =▪”discipline” in the notification, is not only a description of the violation of disciplinary leading cadres, and is also a summary of its corruption, and it is also intended to other leaders. Cadres pass the deterrent deterrence•■. Experts also believe that the central government has already propos▼▲○?

Original title: Hong Kong media claims to pursue ▷▷”pure love•▼” after the mainland 90: I am eager to =▲○◁”get rid of the order◇◁=” but the evening of the evening report news network reported that the Hong Kong media said that the most important thing to do after the mainland single 90 is ” in love”△=▷. However, they tend to be late marriage, in addition to the objective reasons for the socio-economic, they also pursue more pure love. According to the “Hong Kong Economic Daily◇▼” website, Many mainland parents are busy looking for a blind date, but receiving a single men and women in recent years, in the Spring Festival=•△▪, the mainlands marriage and love dating website User registration is overdue•■. According to the latest “2018 Single Womens Survey Report”, nearly 90% of single women are eager to “decorate”○▪▲, the circle is a biggest reason, followed .

The 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center held a press conference this morning, inviting the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Minister of Science and Technology, the Director of the Policies and Regulations, and the Director of the Innovation Development Director Xu Wei■◇▪, “Accelerating the Building Innovative Country◇▷▪▼” related issues to answer Chinese and foreign reporters○▼•. Ask questions••▲▼. Minister Wan Steel, Minister of Science and Technology△□=, said that my countrys scientific and technological innovation is gradually turning to more fields by the past and running, leading. He also mentioned the “Brilliant China▲●□●” adaptation, “CCTV” adaptation, CCTV■▪, China Film Co▷▷●▲., Ltd△•□=., China▷•=, “” ” Which high-tech is China? Cloning monkey on the list: •◁▽”Government Work Report” has given a high evaluation of five-year scientific and technological innovation, pointing to the fruitful, overall innovation capacity and efficiency of innovation, overall innovation capabiliti.Contacts.