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[industrial gelatin for adhesive]Original title: Lai Qingde “Taiwan independence○◆” guns violent public opinion (sound) Lai Qingde, who is in the Taiwanese political altar☆•, shouting “Taiwan independence○◁”▼△◁, challenging the bottom line of cross-strait relations. In this regard, the Taiwanese Island shouted “cool◁△” and more worry-★▷•. Recently, the predecessor of Taiwans predecessor, Zhongqin Book media, pointed out that if Lai Qingde must shout ○▽△…”Taiwan independence”, please return to the street movement with civilians, rather than abuse of power☆○. The article is issued as follows■…•: Lai Qingde, known as the “Division of the Diva Party=◆★”, and the peoples public opinion support for two consecutive Tainan may have a good support◁•☆. At the end of 2017, I will receive “Administrative Dean”▲•□, which is his first to serve Taipei. Also gave all people to review his opportunities★△▼☆. However, in the past six months, the peoples mood has already changed from △▽▽”high expectatio★-•.

Xinhua News Agency, May 28th (Reporter Guo Xiang) officially determined China Earthquake Network 124▪○◆■.71 degrees east. The reporter learned from the propaganda department of Songyuan Municipal Committee on the way to the scene, and the local has launched an emergency plan, and there is no casualties reported●◆. Some people said that Songyuan City is strong•★, many people have come to the street after the earthquake. Currently, local power supply is normal, but some mobile communication networks are difficult. (End) Related News●▪◆▽: 5.7 earthquake seismic scene in Guo Ros County in front of Jilin Songyuan City Local shop goods scattered a local dream awakened on the street to avoid refu.

China New Network May 27th According to the US ■□▷”World Daily” report, in the United States, the epidemic mitigation tourism Vegass car rental prices also rose 70% to 100%. Chinese car rental operators said that the cause of the price soaring is less, the imbalance between supply and demand is caused○▽◁•, but this is a short-term phenomenon, and the future will return to reasonable prices. Rayi Rental Man Harrison Wu said that Los Angeles is now in the recovery phase, and the traffic of car rental has increased significantly★★◁…, but it is still lacking high-end consumer groups. Now there are many orders, but the average price is n.

Original title•…-: Guangzhou issued a △☆▷◆”hero post” teacher to the national famous teacher and the student to cheer (information picture)-●. Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Li Xuyang Photographed Guangzhou Daily News (full media reporter Liu Xiaoxing correspondent Sui teacher)◇••, Guangzhou once again issued “heroic post” to the national name▼•, famous teacher, introducing high-end talents in basic education in the country, and sincere Provide up to 1.5 million yuan of security fees, as well as the longest ten years of rental subsidies (or talent apartment)◆○•. The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau yesterday that less than a week=□, the education department received more than 100 copies. The relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Education Bureau said that since 2017=▷▼, Guangzhou has introduced 53 senior presidents and teachers in the field of basic education. In addition••, registered the principal of the famous president, name is in the talent librar•▽=◇.