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Gelatin capsule,[collagen peptide from a bovine]Yang Chicang resume Yang Chicang◆★•, male, Han nationality▽◁●□, born in May 1954, Shandong Yucheng, participated in the work in June 1972, joined the Chinese Communist Party, Central Party School University in June 1976◆-. He is currently the party secretary of the 13th National Committee of China and the Party Group of the Ministry of Transport. From 1972 to 1975, Shandong Production and Construction Corps Warrior, Huanghe Farm Three-Paters Workers from 1975 to 1978, Shandong Shengli Petrochemical Factory Second Fertilizer Factory, Factory Committee Officer▼▪■, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Workshop◁▼, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy Politics Membership 1978-1983 Qilu Petrochemical Company Ethylene Project Construction Headquarters Production Office☆••, Design, Data Sheet▽▼•■, Deputy President (here: 1981-1983 Shandong Normal University Chinese Department Cadre Specialization Research)=-.

Original title: Yunnans drug-related death slower escape was arrested: 18 years old five times were sentenced to 3 times in prison according to Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department○□▪•, March 23 9:46, in Hangrui Expressway Xiaobai Camp The Dehong Prefecture of the service area, the Delhi Prefecture of Kunming, delivered Kunming, the President Huang Dejun (male, Han nationality, 36 years old, junior high school culture▷◁, Hubei Fang County)•…•□, Jingli◆△▽, Dehong, Chuxiong☆•-, Baoshan▼…, etc=▼◁▼. The public security organs have been fighting for 30 hours, and they were successfully captured by Dali Police near Guan Yujun, Dali City, Dali Province. Currently, related work is underway. At 3:30 in the 22nd, the Dehong Prefecture detention center in Yunnan Province was slowed down to the Huang Dejun. In the way to the Kunming prison•◆-, he took the wind on the toilet from the detention center▼○-. Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department issued A-class To◇△◁= bovine hide collagen peptides vegetarian industrial medical recombinant protein!

Original title▲-○■: Chinas double aircraft carrier team wants to go out of Russia experts: “Aircraft Carrier” name▲■★: Photo: Liaoning ship flying deck officers and soldiers are tense and orderly guaranteed carrier flight. Xinhua News Agency Reference News Network April 27 reported that the Russian Satellite News Agency website on April 25th is “two aircraft carrier let China become a veritable” aircraft carrier “=■■”○◇◆◆, the author is a Russian military expert Vasili Card app. The article is extracted as follows: According to the Chinese media report, China 001a new aircraft carrier is about to begin the first sea trial. As Chinese and foreign experts believe, this aircraft carrier will serve next year=-★. The Russian military expert Nii Kashen pointed out in this article written by the satellite news agency, the 001A model is similar to the highness of Liaoning ship to make people guess, it will not encounter too mu. cell free protein synthesis industry size 00 capsule volume