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Gelatin wholesale![food gelatin exporter]Xinhua News Agency••▲, Beijing May 27 (Reporter Liu Xia Village) reporter learned from the Emergency Management Department on the 27th that the national flood control and drought-drought headquarters recently reported 2021 national flood control and drought-drought administrative responsible persons, as well as the large river◇•■, large and flood protection key medium The reservoir□■□☆, the main accumulation of flood area◁▲☆=, the focus flood control city, the Nanshui East and the midline project…●, the anti-typhoon administrative personnel and the list of anti-typhoon administrative responsible persons. The relevant person in charge of the Department of Emergency Management said that the basis of the ▼■▲”Peoples Republic of China Flood Control Law” ☆△◁▲”The Peoples Republic of China Fire Safety Regulations” “The Drought Relief Ordinance of the Peoples Republic of China” on flood control and drought relief work implementation of the administrative head of the peoples governments at all levels. This responsibili.

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, May 27th□▷▲◇, Hong Kong SAR Administrative Chief Expo, Lin Zheng Yuexuan☆▲☆▲, said on the 27th that the Legislative Council considered through ●○-“2021 to improve the Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill◁▷□…”◆□▪, to ensure that ○…”Patriot Governor” Major marker. Lin Shi Yue said that in recent years, the political chaos in Hong Kong fully explains the Hong Kong election system, so that the opposite chaos is organically multiplied=…, enter the special zone political system, seriously damage the Hong Kong constitutional order◆…•■, endanger national security and hindering governance▼▽. In order to block vulnerabilities◁★☆○, disorderly, the National Peoples Congress passed the decision on improving the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Election System on March 11, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee in the count◁○•★.

China New Network May 27th According to the US “World Daily” report, according to the Human Rights Commission data, more than 200 anti-Asian discrimination cases were reported in 2020, which was incremented compared with 2019. 560%△=, most of whom have focused on the Chinese communities such as Manhattan Huay, next Dongcheng▲■◆, and Queens District Law. In addition to criminal cases=●, the Municipal Human Rights Bureau has included civil cases★△▷. It is included in the workplace, home, restaurants, shops, etc., like the landlord to refuse to rely on the Asian, etc. In addition to the public, the data of the Municipal Human Rights Bureau also contains from a socie••◁.

China New Network May 27th, the Greek “Zhong X Times” report, local time May 26th-◇☆•, Greek National Public Health Organization announced that Greece added 1517 new crown clearance patients, cumulative diagnosis of 395094 cases▽▼; new death 44 Example, accumulated 11916 cases. Local time on May 3, Greece Athens-□◆, a restaurant served in a clean table•▽☆. On May 26th, May 26-◇=, Athens and the President of the Piraeus Hospital◆=◇, Martina Pagney said that if the new crown vaccination rate of Greece can cover 80% of the population☆□▲●, the government can consider Cancellation on mandatory wearing masks in late September. Papney predicts, recent○△■.

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