useful proteins in dustry – is gelat and collagen the same

Pectin manufacturer what macromolecule is gelatin,[gelatin factory in]Original title◇☆: Gansu spent 1•□☆.6 billion “poverty alleviation road■▽=▽” was exposed to the scientific reduction provincial transportation hall letter office▽▲▪◁: go to the traffic police CCTV network news○◆•◇: Dongxiang County, Gansu Province, the Dongxiang County, which belongs to the national-level poor county, the local natural environment is very bad, the masses You can only climb or take a ferrule☆▼▼. To this end◁▷△•, Gansu Province specially built a poverty alleviation road: the second-level road▲▪, connected to Chaosheng Huanqiao Town and Lanchuan Town, Lanzhou City▼●…□, is a connection line of National Highway G2013 and National Highway G109 line☆△◁, with a total investment of nearly 1◁◆▽….6 billion yuan. This road is open to traffic, which not only solves the travel problems of the local people◇◆, but also have a very big role in economic development. However, such a total investment of nearly 1.6 billion yuan, from the completion of the ▷★”poor quality poor◁△●•”△▷, the local people called “discount road.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 27th◆•▽-: The liquefied gas cylinders that have been scrapped for more than 10 years are still using the market supervision department to strictly play the “Black Gas Bottle▽□” Xinhua News Agency Zhao Wenjun reported that the steel bottle has a qualified inspection ring, which is more than 10 years of liquidity for more than 10 years. The cylinder is still in use, not in operation, illegal charge … If you are unable to make a profiteering■…, use unchecked and scrapped cylinders to fill the liquid gas, causing safety hazards to the society. Recently, the market supervision department concentrated on investigating a group of ▼…●”black gas bottles” typical cases, which will continue to increase strikes for illegal activities such as refurbishment and refurbishment of new cylinders, false jacket. The scrapped cylinder has a qualified inspection of the Qingchuan County Market Supervision Bureau of Guangyuan City, Sichuan Provinc printed empty hard gelatin capsules!

[CCTV reporter latest news] Damn Chinese tourists added 2 people, and the Chinese tourists were 4 people. A total of 127●•, rescued 78 people-▲▲□, and the number of lost people was 45◇★◁◇. (CCTV Reporter Luo Wei) Click to enter the topic: Thailand Phuket Tour Cruise has caused most of the people to die, most of the Chinese responsible: Huo is gelatin and collagen the same useful proteins in industry!