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Contacts.[applications of protein engineering in industrial biotech]Original title•△: Shanxi Lu Liangshan body landslide site direct hit☆=-: the village department can directly see the disaster point in the new network Luliang April 30th: Shanxi Lu Liangshan body landslide site direct hit: the village department can directly see the disaster point Author Liu Xiaohong April At 4:57 on the 30th▼▽, a mountain landslide occurred in the Nagodi◁▼▲, the Nangou, Qiaojing Township, Zaimin Township, Luliang City★■▷=, Shanxi Province, causing 9 people to die. On the same day, the reporter drove to the scene to find that the local villagers who were closer to the disasters were directly connected to the disaster point in their own hospital. After the disaster and rescue, the house has already been disabled■●◆▲, showing the rosewat of steel○▲, and the upper and lower beds in the house are clearly visible◆●◁. Liu Xiahong took the reporter to see the house in the house, and under the landslide•▲●, it was located at the foot of the mountain. The disaster caused three half-house houses in 9 house.

Original title: The Leader Leader●=★△, the PLA will report to Singapore according to Xinhua News Agency, from June 1st to 3rd==, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army delegation attended the 17th Shangri-La dialogue in Singapore. This is the Chinese army for 12 consecutive delegations to participate in the “incense”. The Delegation participated in the main activities of this ◆▲”incense”. He Lei, head of the delegation, He Lei•◁△-, deputy dean, deputy dean▼◆●▪, the PLA, will say in the meeting that China advocates common○●, comprehensive▪•, cooperative, sustainable concepts, advocating new international relations with cooperation and win-win, advocating Alliance, work hard to build, share◆△•△, share□☆▽▲, win – win situation. During the meeting…-•, During the meeting, the delegation was widely exposed to the representatives of the countries★☆-, and in-depth discussion of hot focus issues★-, explaining Chinese standings and views. He Lei and n○●★★.

Original title: 5G to commercial▪□, enterprise Moxi-all 5G network has far from the reporter Long Yuemei Sun Yusong Fu Yifei this years government work report proposed to promote the “fifth-generation mobile communication” industry development of. According to the plan, 5G commercial use is expected to be fully implemented in 2020. 3G running, 4G and running China, working hard to lead in the upcoming 5G era. =…”It is recommended to set up a national 5G Strategic Committee★△◆” “It is recommended to establish a national 5G industry alliance” “establishment of 5G National Strategic Fund as soon as possible◇-□•” “Difficult to reduce the use of 5G terminal software”, during the two sessions, driving 5G faster to apply, become One of the hot topics that represent the committee. Recommendation Release Notes 5G Development Action Guide my country is a.

Original title: About housing prices, air quality, sports reform◆○■, and ministers responded-=□□! This morning, after the seventh chance of the 13th National Peoples Congress=□○, the fifth ◇-☆”ministerial channel☆=” opened. The person in charge of the 7 State Council of the Conference was held accepted by reporters. The ministers responded to what hot issues○=…, we will help you organize chicken collagen industrial size protein skimmer hydrolyzed bovine hide collagen peptides! The minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has been effectively inhibited in an effective inhibition of the housing prices●△■◆. In the past year, the real estate market will maintain smooth operation▷▷, and the housing prices have been effectively inhibited. The real estate market is expected to change▽•▽. Keep the real estate market stable and healthy development◁•, mainly include the following aspects…●: 1. Adhere to the regulatory target is not shaken☆□▪-, the strength does not relax◆▷◁-, maintain the continuity of the policy, stability; 2. Accelerate the establishment of multi-body supp.

Original title: Who will supervise the national monitoring authority: Five supervision to ensure that the supervision power is not abused, General Secretary of Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that trust cannot replace the supervision, the supervision committee has expanded, and the authority is rich, and the requirements for the supervisory committee must be strict▪▷. Its strict, cautious◇□. The monitoring authority acts as a critical organ for national monitoring, and its process of fulfilling the supervision function is also the process of exercising public power★◇■▷. The supervision law is not allowed to instead of supervision. The supervision is to support the concept of trust, face the problem, reform and innovation▷▪, and stipulate a perfect supervision mechanism●★●, and put the power to the systems cage…●…△, and resolutely prevent the ○□◆”black”●◆-•, let the party rest assured The discipline inspection and supervision cadres trustworthy-▼□▷, and the people trusts. Adhere to and strengthen the leadership and supervision of the partys anti-corruption□□●. Supervision l what is gealtin!