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[halal certificated empty gelatin capsule shell]Original title Statistics: National GDP accounting data true credibility does not have a low-estimate country new office 14th, the national economic operation in January – February Source: National New Official Website March 14th The National Bureau of Statistics News spokesman Mao Yong said on the 14th that the national GDP accounting data is true and credible=…. It is more objectively reflecting the changes and trends of economic and social development☆★▲. The local plus the national GDP data is not completely connected-★○, 2019 Officially launched the regional GDP unified accounting system-▽, the basic data is basically unified. The National New Office held a launch conference on the 14th of January-February, and there were reporters asked at the press conference. There is public opinion that China is actually statistics on the national economy like GD.

Original title▲▲-◇: Yin Xi high-speed rail began to shop on March 22, Yinchuan Jinfeng District, Yinchuan High-speed Railway, silver◁•, Wu Section, 500 meters long track▲▪…, successfully laying this is also the first set of long rail marks on Yinxi high-speed rail. High-speed rail silver Wu section officially entered the rail project construction stage this article picture WeChat “Peoples Railway Network” It is understood that in the track laying, the construction unit uses artificial cooperation machinery and equipment to prepare the road▽□, cloth pillow▲=…, long rails directly The method of tracking the rail push and track tractor trailer is laid, referred to as “pushing method”. The “Push■◆◇□” shop does not need to build a paving base, paving, flexible, efficient, fast, in China, has a high-speed rail orbit laying in China. Yinxi high-speed rail design speed is 250 kilometers, is a count▪▲.

Original title: The mayor has installed 9 million behind the bus, and some people are filled with it●•-■. It can only put it back … In the trunk of corrupt officials, Is there regular? This is the first story about “trunk” – Zhang Mou, chairman of a mining group in Wuhai City, for a coal-coal project▼=, giving the mayor Hou Fengshi sent 3 million◇□, this coal boss, this is three ★■▲” The wine box •▷▼●”directly put it into the trunk of Hou Mayor. Who is not yet, Zhang Boss wants to send less, so I put 3 million ○▼▽”wine box▼○◇△” into the trunk of Hou Mayor. Of course, it is of course a matter. In order to thank Hou Fengqi, in order to further request◁△●, Zhang Boss will put three “wine box•○▪” in the third “wine box” in the third time. Just this one of the boss, the mayor of Hou The “trunk” of the car is laughin.

Xinhua News Agency, March 30th: embrace the innovative enterprise▼○, the A-share issuance system ushered in the new change Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kai Xiong△◇▽, Liu Hui, Xu Wei=▷☆, the State Councils Office forwarded the Securities Regulatory Commission “on the implementation of the innovation enterprise to issue stocks or Some comments on the pilot pilot pilot, this provides institutional guarantee for the listing financing in my countrys innovative enterprises. So what do you have to pay attention to this document▷▷■◇? Look at the top 7 new economic sects Pilot Pilot “This pilot sets a higher threshold■○, facing innovative enterprises that meet the national strategy, mastering the core technology, and market recognition▼…◇▲.” The Securities Regulatory Commission spokesperson said. The seven new economic fields have become a pilot key industry. Internet☆▪▲, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence□●★◆, software and integrated circuit, high-end equipment manufacturing◇▽•…, biomedicine, et…•=.