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Pure collagen protein synthesis industry proteins in nuts that are used in other industries,[galetin]Original title Vietnam repeatedly agreed to protest China South China Sea fishing letter expert: Vietnam accused without reason [Global Times Vietnam Special Reporter Bai Wei Global Times reporter Zhao Yuta] Vietnam “Young Peoples Daily” reported on the 27th•■△, Vietnam Fisheries Association recently published Declare▽△☆, against the Regulations on the Ministry of Agriculture on the South China Sea•▽=. The association also sent metric to the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister, requiring state organs to protect the “rights and interests▲•◆” of Vietnamese fishermen. Gu Xiaosong…△▼, director of the Southeast Asian Institute of Guangxi Social Sciences, said the “Global Times” reporter, the fishery period is to protect the South China Sea fishery resources and improve the awareness of the fishermen s the protection of ecological environment. The Buyers accusation is unreasonable◇○★. China Agriculture issued the “Notice on Adjusting the Adjustment of Ocean Frost Seedlings in February this yea?

The woman claimed to “not know” shake: malicious speculation, the permanent title is “520…-” just passed, a “kidnapping confession” in Chengdu Chunxi Road is pushed up▪-, and the actress of the incident – owned in the hairstyle More than a million fanss net red virtues have been pushed into the tip of the wind and is questioned◇☆▼☆. Up to now▷•▲•, the event topic has exceeded 600 million readings ..◆□•▷. and turn over the previous video, this looks a story of “Impressive”. The male master encounters a woman in the street. After the WeChat is rejected, let the netizen help him ◁▽□”fish”, then●•●=, the female is from the comment area▲△○. Then, in more than 10 days▲-, the male owner bombarded the woman, staged tracking, sneak shot, ta.

Xinhua News Agency Hebei Xiongan May 26th, Item▽-: Millennium Month, how is it “Run” Xiongan? – Nanshi North Mode All Media Research Strue Interview with the Sixth Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xudong▼▲, Qu Ting○•○, Zhang Taojiuhe Xiajun, North China Pearl. Baiyangdian is like Xiongan, like West Lake in Hangzhou◇=. The Xiongan New District contains the entire waters of Baiyang▪•☆△. Standing in the Baiyangdi on Xiongan Anxian County looked around, the water was broadly sparkling○…△, and the large piece of reeds like the green field of the water, the wind blows, green waves, and endless. Xiongan New District is a millennium◆■◆, national events, adhering to the new development concept, high standard high quality construction, Baiyangdian is critical to constructing the beauty of ecology. Baiyangdian, this H.

[Hainan Province decided to set up Haikou Jiangdong New District▽■▽▼: Construction China (Hainan) Free Trade Test Area Key First Area] June 3◆☆■, China (Hainan) Trade Zone Haikou Jiangdong New District Press Conference held in Haikou: decided to establish Haikou Jiangdong The new district, which is a key preceding area of ​​the construction of China (Hainan) free trade test area; the total area is approximately 298 square kilometers, divided into the Eastern Ecological Function Zone and Western Production City Fusion Area●…; the construction of the innovation area of ​​the reform and opening up test area will be constructed◇▷-△. Construct the exhibition area of ​​the national ecological civilization test area=◇◇△, build an international tourism consumer center experience area and the demonstration zone of the national major strategic service area. Source: Hainan Daily Editor: Huo •◁==.