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[is gelatin collagen]Original title: The National Peoples Congress represents Zhou Guangliang: It will be in recent years as soon as possible in recent years, and the expiration of residential land use rights in many places across the country has attracted high concern. There will be more places to face more●●. How is the dilemma of the residential land use rights expired. On the eve of the “two sessions” in 2017▲▪★▪, more than 2 million netizens expressed concern about “What should I do after 70 years of house ownership=▼◆”□▼. Prime Minister Li Keqiang stated at the press conference on March 15th◆▼◁: “The State Council has instructed relevant departments to make a proposal for the research on real estate protection…■★☆. However, until now, the relevant departments of the State Council have not proposed specific legal recommendations◆◇▼=. To this end, the National Peoples Congress representative, the Tsinghua University Law School, the proposal of Zhou Guangqua.

Original title: Liu Aili resigned in the chairman of China Tower, Ji Julis new chairmans China Tower announced that due to work adjustment, Comrade Liu Aili resigned as chairman and directors of China Tower Co., Ltd.-△○•. The China Tower held the 17th meeting of the 1st Board of Directors on March 21▽===, 2018, elected comrades of Li Ji Lu as chairman. More than three years, under the leadership of the board of directors◁☆◁, the China Tower is unforgettable-□▼◇, remembering the mission, and puts •◇”three benefits (conducive to the achievement of reform results○▪▼, which is conducive to the overall interests of the three telecommunications companies, which is conducive to the continuous development of China Tower itself) – – Do it, I know★■▲, I recognize ○•”as the starting point and the foothold of all work, uphold the concept of sharing development, saving industry investment, helping the development of mobile communications△○, balanced, exploration formatio.

Original title: Xian, a road, due to municipal construction▲◇=, the gas leak■…, is repairing @ 西 网 March 5 news, Xian not cited Zhu Hong Road Fengchan Road cross, due to municipal construction, the natural gas pipeline caused gas leakage☆•▪, center immediately Notify 119 and Natural Gas Company to the on-site disposal. At present, 119 have not arrived▪▪○, and the natural gas repair is dealt with, and it is not brought to Zhu Honglu Fengcheng 8th Road. (Xian Traffic Police Detachment Command Center) Source•□◁: Western Network Responsible Editor: Zhang ◇○▪.

Taiwans epidemic is more serious, and Gao Jin Su Mei also sounds◁★: Who is the life of the people◆▷◁◇? [Global Network Report Reporter Yin Yanhui] Taiwans local epidemic temperature rise•▪☆○, the current diagnosis case is more than 6,000 cases, 59 deaths. Taiwans “Triendi” Gao Jin Mei 27th in the face book “Who holds people to hold the peoples lives?☆●▽•” The Ministry of Public Progressive Party is planned to have 10 million more agents at the end of August. Gao Jin Su Mei is dissatisfied●…, …▽○☆”It is still in 96 days at the end of August□•□…. How many people are still lifted? The same island is a life. The life of Taiwan is only a persons orde!

Author•▼: The •☆”Water Faucet” in Lang Yan is opened again cow gelatin bovine collagen peptides source! In May 26 days, some regions in the south were raining; in May, only less than one week•□◁, 26-27th, 28th – 31st, the south will reappear two rounds of rainfall. Under the continuous “blessing☆☆” of the rain, some Jianghe Lake library water levels rose, and there is a disaster. Up to now▲▷•, 79 rivers in the 9 provinces have a superflash flood. On May 25, Hankou, Hubei, Hankou, Yangtze River▲▷□☆, Jiangshui, has approached Hankou Jiang Beach 2nd platform□●▼. Image Source: Visual Chinas more than 10 provinces will welcome rainstorm to the central meteorological station news, 20:00 to 26△△, May 26▽▷, Zhejiang, Jiangx.Pure collagen protein drink industry best fish collagen peptide,