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[beauty drink skin whitening collagen]Original title: This big thing to do□☆☆■, China, let the Americans serve, Indians▼◆-, “China win the first battle……◇○!◇▽△▲” Recently◆●▼, the University of Chicago issued a report on Chinas pollution control. After the mainstream media such as the New York Times, he tried to bring a hot discussion in the international community. “China has only used 4 years•◇, so that the concentration of urban fine particles (PM2.5) decreased by 32%,” New York Times ☆…•…”, called China to win this pollution control at a record speed▼…. The report pointed out that China launched an air quality plan in 2013, requiring at least 10% of the PM2.5 concentration of all cities, and reduced by 25% for Beijing▷…. ▷▽-“New York Times” notes to achieve this go…◆▼★.

Original title◁••◁: Heavy pound gelatin test microbiology! Beijings secretary of the 5 district committee, 3 district governor on March 27, Beijing Municipal Party Committee Organization Department issued 9 pre-public notice, and proposed to be the secretary of the district committee, 3 district director, two municipal units•▪…. I know the XJB-Jingshier, among which the two deputy deputy director of the Municipal Party Committee will take the regular position, respectively, the Deputy Minister of Executive, Jia Mo Micro-proposed Region Party Committee Secretary, and the Deputy Minister Zhang Lega is running as the municipal unit. Chang Wang Hao▪-, Chang Wang, Shunyi District, Chang Zhangjiapeng, Tongzhou District Chang Zhangli, and other three secretary of the district committee. According to the pre-appointment of the Secretary of China, Chaoyang Shunyi Tongzhou 3, according to the first public announcement, the Chang Wang Hao, Shunyi District, Changjiapeng●▪•, the executive Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee=▷○●, Jia Mo Min▪•=, the executive Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Changhui, Tongzhou District Lo.

Original title: Country Net Letter Office is discussing •■••”quick hand” “quick hand” “Volcanic video◆•” live short video platform recently -◁☆”quick hand” ☆★-“Volcanic small video•…” live short video platform communication involved in minors, the public opinion reflected▪■●◁, the country On April 4th…•, the Net Letter is discovered in accordance with the law in accordance with the law, and the person in charge of the ◆☆☆”volcanic small video” of todays head is put forward seriously criticism and ordered it. After investigation, “Quick Hand” “Volcanic Small Video☆=” failed to implement corporate responsibility, forborn eyeball, access traffic◇◆, negligible account management▼○▼, let the union agency released low-risk information, break through the social moral bottom line, violating social Mainstream values▽△★, pollution network space, seriously affecting adolescents healthy growth. National Net Information Service Management is based on the ▪★▼■”Internet Security La industrial protein for antibiotics chick type ii collagen Stomach-soluble hollow capsules!Pure collagen.