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[protein drink industry statistics]Recently, Chinas Football Association has released the “Chinese Youth Football League and the Chinese Youth League Mens Junior Middle School” U13△▪, U15 Competition Program “in China Youth League and China Football Association◆◇=•, and extensive◇=★•. This event will go to the club, social▪▲▽◆, young training institutions, sports schools and schools, eliminate the barriers of the competition☆●, become a highlight. Why launch China Youth Football League□○▪▪? Gao Hongbo…•, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Football Association, made an answer in an interview◆☆▲: □▷”The Football Association found that the football was very popular in the primary school stage. But in the junior high school◁▼★◁, the number of kick children declined, the reason lies in childre○☆.

Original title: Comrade Li Zhengxiang passed the Guangdong Provincial Military Region Deputy Army Departure Old Red Army□▽, the original Guangzhou Military Region Engineering and Team Consultant Li Zhengxiang, I died in Guangzhou on February 3, 2018, and enjoy the 101 year old. Comrade Li Zhengxiang is a Sichuan Bazhong, born in December 1917, enlisted in September 1933, joined the Communist Party of China in December 1935◆=•. His soldiers■▷, propagandists, squad leaders■□, long, long◁△▷, long★▼■, head, head○☆▽▽, deputy chief. Source: Liberation Army News Editor: Guiqia.

Original title▪◁◁: Social Security Fund Council is divided into financial management experts: conducive to Social Security Fund Budget Operations Politics New Beijing News (Reporter Wu Xi), in accordance with the State Council reform plan announced in the morning today (March 13), national society Safeguarding the Parties Relationship between the Fund Council, the management of the State Council is adjusted by the Ministry of Finance▪■. At the same time▪△•, as a fund investment operation organization, the National Social Security Fund will no longer clarify the administrative level◇◁▷. What is the fund investment operator? In October 2015, the •★=•”Basic Endowment Insurance Fund Investment Management Measures” released, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Human Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Department introduced, entrusted the investment funds gap and allocation, and the standard fund will be divided into the local and trusted institutions•…▼◆. The process of drawing•◆■☆, clearly entrusting local and trusted institutional agreemen.

Hong Kong Economic Heirement Reporter: I would like to ask Yang Weimin, this year▲◁▷■, the governments work report emphasizes the total tone of adhering to the work of progress. Woman…▪★☆, how to ensure steady, achieve the steady economic operation? Does it mean whether economic growth will inevitably? Yang Weimin: Thank you for your question. I remember that the General Secretary has begun in 2012 in the central economic work conference. General Secretary also said that steady progress is the methodology of our economic work•●, and of course it is also an important principle of governance of the country☆▪. It is now necessary to emphasize that it is necessary to make a whole to grasp as a whole☆★=▲, not what is stable, which aspects are needed, not this. My understanding●◆◇, any of the tasks in the economic work, such as maintaining economic steady growth=•, promoting supply side kno.Gelatin wholesale!

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