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Gelatin wholesale gelatin gummy organic gelatin suppliers,[purification of recombinant protein for industry]China New Network May 28th★=▪, the official WeChat news of the Anhui Provincial Health Committee, on May 27th 0-24▪=★, Anhui Province reported no new diagnosis case○•-, no new suspected case, no newly increasy symptoms★●, There were 2 cases of new treatment (1 case in Hefei, 1 case in Luan City), exclude 1 case of suspected cases (Luan), 2 cases of non-symptomatic infection in the treatment of medical observation (all in Luan) At 24:00 on May 13 to 27•●◇, there were 10 cases of confirmed cases in Anhui Province, including 2 cases of Hefei, 8 cases in Luan. There were 6 cases in the hospital, including 1 case in Hefei◇…, 5 cases in Luan◆▷■. There were 5 cases of asymptomatic infection in medicine (all in Luan). As of May?

Original title○△★=: Share, the Chinese people have found in the Louvres check ..□●. -•▽▷”There are nearly 700•▷◇,000 Chinese tourists to visit the Louvre every year◇▽▼, but the Louvre is not to make money from Chinese tourists◇▽▷. Ticket money. “French TV▼=, in the●•” Economic Wide-angle “program broadcast from 22:40 on May 30★…=, some Chinese people will re-sell the Louvre tickets and illegally reuse the status quo-=◁. The program said that the Louvre management said that this large-scale fraud will have been paid to strengthen ticket control•…□. Video VIA ▲=◆□”Global Times” three-missing video group said that in 2017, a total of 1▼□▽◇.8 million Chinese tourists visited France, and Chinas tourists had averaged 1674 euros, far above Japan (1492 Euro)▼•, USA (663★•☆.

Xinhua News Agency-…★▽, San Francisco May 26 (Reporter Wu Xiaoling) The US police said on the 26th that the shooting incident occurred in the northern city of California◇△, California▪○★◇, causing at least 8 deaths and 1 injuries•□••, the gunman was committed to death in the case. San Clara County police in San Jose said that shooting incidents occur at 6:30 local time, location is located in a light rail facility in San Clara Valley Transportation Administration in San Jose. The shooting incident caused 8 deaths, 1 person was injured, and 1 male gunman committed suicide. The police said that the gunners and a number of deceased were the staff of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. According to the traffic management staff•★●■, shooting incidents occurred in the maintenance of light rail facilitie☆•.

Original title▼•☆: (Economy) Traffic Cartoon Before the end of the year▪◁☆☆, I realized 220 city interconnected Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 29 (Reporter Zhao Wenjun) Reporter learned from the routine press conference of the Ministry of Transport in the 29th that this year will further expand traffic card interconnection The number of intercommunications◇▪●, ensuring that the interconnection of 220 cities before the end of the year, expand the application range and quantity, and gradually realize the transition of the original card to the interconnection card▼▲. Wang Jing=☆, Wang Jing▲-, the inspector of the transportation service service department of the Ministry of Transport▽◇△, introduced in-depth investigation, analyzing, in the basis of seeking the relevant ministries and commissions and industry opinions○◁△▼, formulating the “Transport Card Operation Service Quality Management Measures (Trial)” will be this year 4 It is formally implemented in the month of the month; in order to actively promote the development of traffic card mobile payment, formulate ★▲▼•”Traffic Cartoon QR code suppo□▪.