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[pectin hydration]Xinhua News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Gamanian) Data of the Agricultural Rural Rural Hall of Tibet Autonomous Region●▽◆, in 2021, Tibet will add and transform more than 200•◇,000 mu of basic farmland…●, implementing 20,000 mu of cultural quality▲▽…, construction▲▲, construction 750,000 mu of high standard farmland. By 2025, Tibet will build 3 million acres of high standard farmland●△=◆, and the coverage of green-ranking has reached 95%. Affected by the climate, the proportion of low-yield fields in Tibet, plus traditional farming is relatively placed, and for a long time, the food production is at a low level, and the main product you cant even meet the needs of the local people. In recent years, in order to improve food production, Tibet actively implemented cultivated land transformation, through the high standa.

On May 27, the Journal “Nature” published the “2021 China Natural Index” issue (NatureIndex China). In the article entitled “New Age” leading the medicine intelligence, the newspaper pays attention to China Medical Artificial Intelligence Head Enterprise – Medical Technology, which is based on the multi-medical solution based on artificial intelligence technology, and its social responsibility and Contribution, etc. The article says that the new crown epidemic will add the burden of the gradually long chronic disease. Medical Technology from the construction of large data platforms to provide life science and health management solutions, and then launched a series of cooperation with government departments◆▷, not on☆☆.

Original title◇◇=•: Resist US soybeans●●•△, China is easy to resist US soybeans△●…, China is easy to do◇▷●▼. Will China use the US soybean import to report the tarrentous tariff plan? Our view is: will be willing. If Trump has a truthfulness of Chinas $ 60 billion merchandise=□▼. Some Americans believe that China cant find alternatives for American soybeans, restrict the price of US soybeans to pull up Chinas edible oil and pork. In addition■▲▽, once China has caused the United States to take further action=★•, China and the United States trade warfare, Chinas losses will be much larger than the United States. This is both proud and naive ideas. Soy is one of the easiest substitutes of agricultural products. South American countries and Russias soy producers, and Russias soy producers must not squeeze the US soya from the Chinese market. Pakist◆●▲.

Original title▪▼: 10 provincial government universities change people, his most special source: Changan Street, a book, wrote, after the “two sessions■•★…”, local personnel intensive changes☆-. The first day of the 13th National Peoples Congress has changed the first day of the party and the party and government. As the provincial level has been confirmed△▲▪, Changan Street IPT (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) found that at least one week, the Secretary-General of the provincial government has also confirmed – Li Jinke Ren Liaoning Provincial Government Secretary, Chen Jiangang Ren Jiangsu Provincial Government Secretary-General, the Secretary-General of the Chongqing Municipal Government=△-▽, and the Secretary-General of the Shandong Provincial Government, Zhanghu Ren Guangdong Provincial Government Secretary-General, or Hui Ren Hubei Provincial Government Secretary-General=△, Huang Xinyi Yubi Fujian Provincial Governme.

Original title…▷-: Li Wenko, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial Peoples Congress, led bribery□▼, on March 29, 2018 Bribery case. Jilin Province Tonghua Municipal Peoples Procuratorate Prosecutor: 1997-120 Convenience and terms of position or status, the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress☆=▪, to provide assistance in relevant units and individuals●◁•, providing assistance in position adjustments and promotion, business operations, engineering contractors and project construction. From 1997 to 2016=☆, Li Wenke directly or through his wife Xu H! gelatin online hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptide Gelatin capsule best hplc c18 columns for industrial protein analysis protein drinks industry!