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[marine or bovine collagen peptides]Original title: Jingcheng wind blows spring blowout Todays gust 7 minimum temperature will return to zero China weather network news◇▼, the weather is quiet, and the weather is high, and the weather has a machine▼•▽. However◇•, with the arrival of Northern wind last night, the air quality will improve, the temperature drop is obvious, it is expected that the gust of the wind can reach 7 days during the day, and the lowest temperature at night will return to the freezing point••□■. After the highest temperature since the day before yesterday, yesterday, under the continued control of the stable weather system, Beijing is still warm, some pedestrians have even changed the short sleeve, eat a popsicle, as if they have lived in advance. Summer At the same time, the weather has continued to develop■◁, the visibility is reduced=■○, and the local pollution has occurred○•. At 6:30 this morning, Beijings visibility is good○…△○, but the sky is clouded. Cour•▪□.

Original title: Many government officials in Xian have the words “shop small two” and other words, entrepreneurs•○: very touched □=”Xian in memory is a famous cultural ancient capital, after 10 years, I came to Xian again▽…▷▽, I feel strong in Xian. Vitality, it is amazed▼▽. “Chen Guorong◁…, Chairman and President of the China Tourism Hotel Industry Association★◇■▪, Chen Guorong, said in an interview with a reporter last night…▪. “This time I came to Xian, I feel that the Xian urban pattern is even more atmospheric==•, and the plan is more leveling. The citys order is in order-◁, and the attitude of urban manager is also very rigorous.△▽” Chen Guorong said that he was touched that when the exchange of business cards, the famous “shop small two▪=★” “Golden Medal Merchants” was printed on the business card, which made himself “. This made him very surprised. △●◆□”I have been doing tourism in 30 years, I have been self-proclaime.

Original title: Is the budget report not find a key? This simple version is appreciated by the Participation of the State Council▪▼●◆, and the Ministry of Finance will be discharged to the 13th National Peoples Congress and the 2017 National Budget Implementation and the 2018 Central and Local Budget Draft△◇▼. Is there a key to the report too long? Dont worry, the 23rd team carefully extracted the key data•□, let you see it. The report said? Simply•☆●•, this report is divided into two parts. Part is part of 2017, how much is the income of the entire country, where is it spent, is the 2017 central and local budget implementation◁▲◇; another part is preliminary estimated 2018 overseas How many income will be spent, which places are speaking, which is the 2018 central and local budget?

Original title: Many numbers disclosed the “two high○□” work report revealed which anti-corruption information on the afternoon of March 9, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a second plenary meeting◁-◁, listening and considered the Supreme Peoples Court in the Great Hall of the People◆•=. And the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Work Report○□◆. What anti-corruption information is revealed by “two high” work report? The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is to take you. The 101st peoples court work reports in the approach of the provincial and ministerial cadres, and the highest law was strictly punished by severely punishment of corruption. It has always maintained a high-pressure situation, and improves the judicial case of criminal cases. It will develop 19.5 million pieces of judicial interpretation of corruption and bribery in the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate. Among them, the defendant is the provincial leve.

Original title: Wang Yongchao representative: It is recommended to support the construction of Wang Yongchao in Huang Di Mausoleum. “Huang Di Mausoleum is the root of the Chinese nation•▷, the source of the Chinese nation, promoting national cultures to promote national unity, motivate patriotic enthusiasm, promote the unity of the motherland, etc. Instectable bonds◁▪◆□. “Wang Yongchao, Dean of the National Peoples Congress◁▷★, Dean of Xian Zhongfu Art Museum-…. At the beginning of 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Shaanxi to point out…▲, “Huang Di Mausaya●△◇-, Terracotta Warriors, Yanan Bao Tower, Qinling, Huashan, etc. is the spiritual identification and natural logo of Chinese civilization, China revolution□△, China Geography.” “Xuanyuan Huangdi Mausoleum has been very deep▪◁□…, and the history and culture should pay attention to the excavation and utilization○■□▽, and if you want to go to the source, find the roots, find the soul.•▪☆▼” “Building Huang Diling National Cultural Park, Guarding▲△, Inheritance and Carryi.Gelatin capsule.