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Pectin manufacturer industry standards for a protein china gelatine food,[gelation food]Original title: Specialize the Chinese▷□, Frances “breakfast robber” flies in Frances security issues have been repeatedly ill◆▼▲, and the police successfully arrested a group of “breakfast robots” to pick Chinese tourists. According to the 19th☆○-, the “Paris” is reported on the 19th○■. After several months of investigation and preparation, a robbery gang in the big Paris region has finally been in Seine – Santanen Ni Province. However, the police estimate that there are suspects, and the case is not completely over. According to the report◆△-▪, the gang of the arrested network consists of three South African young men▲•■•. They will usually drive four Chinese tour groups, as if they are also “travel”, actually track them◁◆, and know which hotels in Chinese tourists know. Then they choose to enter the hotel at breakfast time○▪○◇, and have a robbery. The police sa.

The implementation of this round of property market regulation policy has been a year●●○•. With the adjustment of second-hand housing prices△▪, you have just needed to improve the sexual purchase of housing in the market, and the sales of sales in various commits are significantly warmed in March○●. Data Map…■•★: Real industry consultants recommend commodity households to the people•◆. China News Service○-△△, Wei Liang, January 2nd, according to the latest statistics released by Siyuan Real Estate, in March 2018, Beijing New House Market has sold 1033 sets of commercial housing, the transaction area is 1▪◇.38,100 square meters, the number of transactions☆○●▼, the area, the area Up to 73▲□★◆.3% and 52.4%★■◆•. In March 2018, the number of second-hand housing in Beijing reached 12104 sets▽●○. Following December 2017 and after January 2018, the monthly sales broke through 10◁○△,000 sets, this transaction volume also created from 20=▼◆.

Source: Guan Zhiyuan title: 20 positive levels, have a new post National “two sessions●◇□”, adjustment is open. The new National Peoples Congress and the National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference have also dreatible dust, and 20 new director members, and the director began to perform their duties◆◁○. Domestic people (WeChat ID: BQzhengzhiju) noted that these people have previously had the current national Peoples Congress, the National Political Consultative Conference work experience, some are the first time to enter the National Peoples Congress or the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, which is about to usher in new work challenge. Interestingly, after the sessat▽■, some people transferred from the National Peoples Congress to the National Committee of the CPPCC▼◆▼■, and some from the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference to the National Peoples Congress▽…◆, and also a communication•…. The “One Hand” The three cases of the newly appointed director of some special committee.