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Gelatin wholesale.[protein ingredient industry]Original title□•○◆: The person in charge of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, on the ◁☆…”Industrial and Mine Soil Environment Management Measures”, the reporter asked the reporter asked the Ecological Environment to release ◆▲-“The Soil Environment Management Measures (Trial)” (Trial) “(Trial)▷…” (Trial) •▽◇=”(Trial)■◆•□” (hereinafter referred to “). The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Ecological Environment has answered the reporters question on the background, significance○●, main content and characteristics of the “Measures”▲★. Q: What is the background and meaning of ▼●=▷”Measures=■◁”? A: On May 28☆▲◇, 2016, the State Council issued the Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan (hereinafter referred to as “Earth Ten★▽△”). This is the programming document of the national soil pollution prevention work in the current and future. ◇▼★”Earth Ten” clearly requires the release of soil environmental management department of industrial and mining land. The introduction of the “Measures” will be to strengthen the soil and groundwater of industrial deposit☆▲…◁.

Original title: The old man is ○…◆-“black and evil forces bullying”? Yueyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection: It is said that there is a neighboring dispute. The 70-year-old elderly man in Zhuanglou Village, Shi Niuzhai Town□■△, Pingjiang County, Hunan Province■–●, showed a long-lost smile■■, and said=•◆, ◇○▽”Thanks to the party committee, thank you for your discipline committee. I am the Lord, I am a lonely wife◆▲△, no longer afraid of being bullied by others ▷■.◇▽◆★.. ◇○◇◁”Net transmission□◇” five insurance old people were bullied by the villagers △●○”Commission for Discipline Investment, I have to start from a netizens WeChat article=•★★, February 27th, Some netizens reflected in the WeChat public number “A case of rural black and evil forces 獗: Hunan Pingjiang Shi Niuzhai Town Village collectively bullying poverty-stricken five-security elderly, triggered network attention. The article said that ▼……”the 70-year-old five-security household in Zhuanglou Village, Shi Niuzhai Town, Dunhua, has donated the door to the neighboring village grou▷=••!

Original title●●□●: Please pay attention industrial applications of maillard-type protein-polysaccharide conjugates undenatured type ii chicken collagen! The A-level Wanted Crime of the Ministry of Public Security, and Zhangbei police rewards increased to 200★●◆◆,000 yuan marine collagen peptide! In the early morning of May 31, 2018□★, the Jikou Village, Dasu Town▽◇○▽, Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City•-…, Hebei Province, and one person died▷★▲. After investigation, I confirmed that Wang Lihui (the Ministry of Public Security A-level wanted criminals) had a major crime. Wang Lihui (alias Wang Hui, Wang Zixing), male, 39 years old, Han nationality, junior high school culture, Luolong District•★▽, Luoyang City☆▽▽, Henan Province★■△, 167cm, body high=◇, middle. It is not standard Mandarin▲◁, with Henan accent. When the case is time, the beast is hull•▪, and the two are there◆▼○. There is a shackle. I am in the dark cotton coat, the lower body wear dark blue jeans, my foot wear black leather shoes or white travel shoes●☆△▼, head wear a white duck hat, carry a blue backpack◆○=, Entry, one fortune, c fish gelatin glue!