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[ankur protein industries ltd changodar]Original title: Tang Fei is selected from the Mayor of Zhangzhou (Figure Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Network Zhangzhou March 31 Comprehensive report According to Zhejiang “Zhangzhou Peoples Congress=•” WeChat public number news, March 30•★, the citys seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seventh conference held The third plenary meeting, the election was conducted in the way without registration, and the Tang Fan all the money was elected as the mayor of the people of Zhangzhou Municipal Peoples Government▼★☆. According to the China Economic Net Party Political Leading Peoples Library, Tang Fan, March 1972, once served as the Standing Committee of the Zhangzhou Municipal Committee▷…■○, the veteran deputy mayor, and the deputy secretary of the Cangzhou Municipal Committee-▼, the Mayor of the Cangzhou Municipal Committee-□. Tang Fan resume soup, male•…▷△, Han nationality△●•, March 1972, Zhejiang Hangzhou○=●…, July 1998▪▲•…, joined the Communist Party of China, participated in the work in July 1992○▽=, and the graduate degree of the central party school graduate students. Zuoyi provincial highway tu●▪.

Original title: 2018 National two sessions 丨 Cao Jianming•◆▼▷: For 5 years, a total of 120 Yuan Provincial Departmental ministerials will investigate the Beijing News (Reporter Wang Mengyao) March 9th◁▼, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Cao Jianming was the thirteenth The first meeting of the National Peoples Congress attended the work•☆-□. He mentioned in the report that since the 18th National Congress, the procuratorial organ has filed a discovery of 120 original provincial and ministerial levels of Zhou Yongkang…-, Sun Zhengcai, Order Plan, Su Rong and other cadres, and filed a public prosecution on 105 original ministries. The reporter noted that the plan, Su Rong was “named” in 2016•☆, the highest inspection work report in 2016◁•▽; Zhou Yongkang, which was transferred to the judicial organ, and has been “some name” in the highest inspection work report in 2015. ▷•”Tabi” of the procuratorial organ,◆●•.

Original title: Zhejiang High Court reduced Wu Yings penalty in accordance with the law on March 23, 2018▼◆□. The Zhejiang Higher Peoples Court publicly opened the court to hear a case of Wu Yingers sentence in accordance with the law▲▼-. In court, it made a ruling: Divided into a period of imprisonment for twenty-five years, deprived of political rights for ten years. On May 21, 2012☆★★, the Zhejiang Senior Peoples Court sentenced Wu Yings death in the crime of fund-raising fraud, suspended for two years, depriving political rights for life, and confiscated all personal property▷◇. After the judgment, the legal effect was delivered to Zhejiang Womens Prison. After the execution of the death penalty, the Zhejiang Senior Peoples Court made (2014) Zhejiang Pedicate No. 484 of the Zhejiang Pedicate Criminal Rule, and the penalty of Wu Ying in the Zhejiang is reduced to life imprisonment. Given the criminal .