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Pectin manufacturer![warm jello for cough]Original title: “Its amazing▼▲▪, my country●◆•” into the campus, strong national box office has exceeded 400 million•■☆, and the 20th year of the 29th●◇…★, the audience accounts for more than 50% record movies○…, “▲◁” “” ▷=…” Since the release□★, a round of watching the shadow of the viewing and movie■•▷, the persistent view of the audience has repeatedly refreshed the market record of record movies. Since mid-March, China Education Huaxian “National Campus Cinema Line” has been batch-☆▲, and the various schools will carry out screening activities•…-■. The teachers and students of the major primary and secondary schools across the country have spontaneously enter the cinema, actively watching. After watching the film, the majority of teachers and students have praise for the brilliant achievements of the partys 18th National Congress, and further strengthen the responsibility of teachers and students to fight for new people, and brave their mission. Recently, “amazed◁▲▪=, my country” will also land in love Qiyi, Tencent, et•■•=?

On February 18-•◆, Xiongan Citizen Service Center project construction live aerial view. Xiongan released WeChat blessings Titland title: “Xiongans first standard”○▪, skills are really high for 4 days to complete 3100 tons of basic steel bars installation, 5 days to complete the construction site to build, 7 days to complete 120-▼◇,000 cubic meters of rice earth excavation, 10 days to complete 36,000 cubic meters of basic concrete pouring, 25 days to complete 12•▪★○,000 tons of steel components installed, 1000 hours all steel structural monomers are fully capped … under the incredible construction speed▪▷•, the first large-scale in the Xiongan new district Construction Engineering – Xiongan Citizen Service Center has recently achieved all of the main structures, 2-3 times faster than the consumption of the same volume. In the future, this total investment is 800 million yuan▼●◁△, and the construction area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters will assume the new distric▲-◁.

When the female driver changed, ◆○◁”hit the porcelain▲▼●○”, a man◇…▲, a man, manufactured, was created by the police, Guangzhou Daily News (full media reporter Li Dong correspondent Liao Yunyi, Zhang Yitao) Early this year, Guangzhou Yicheng District Yanta Bridge Maintenance construction▷-…, due to engineering masking◁▼, the road to the bridge narrows○★, all vehicles have slowed down in advance. However=▷, a man took 7 vehicles in this section within 1 month, is his car skill–▪…? On the contrary, the man “touched the porcelain” means highly. Recently, Guangzhou Zengcheng police reflected the clues reflected in the masses, and grabbed and criminally detained a -=”hit the porcelain man▽▲◆▼” according to law. On the evening of April 8, Miss Zengche?

Chinas new network reported that the foreign media reported that on the evening of the 26th time-●☆, Namibian Presidents Rago cloth and his wifes new crown virus test were positive. According to reports▼•…◁, the Presidential Palace issued a message in social media, and the spirit of root broth and his lady had good mental state★▪☆•. At present, the two are in situ for self-isolation. [Edit•△: .

Original title: The new State Council system person in charge of the resume (all) [客 岛 按] This morning, after voting vote, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress determines the Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council•▼, State Council◁★…○, Minister of Council, director of the committees○△◇, Chinese people Bank leader=◆•…, auditors, secretary-general. The President Xi Jinping signed the chairman to appoint★=▽●. Lets take a look at the resolution of the person in charge of the State Council system today. [New State Council Deputy Prime Minister] Han Zheng, Han Zheng◇▲□▼, born in April 1954▷△●■, Zhejiang Cixi▲△•. New State Council Deputy Prime Minister. Has been served in Shanghai for a long time, and he served as a Shanghai Chemical Equipment Industry Company◇☆•◇, the head of the group committee, from 1990, has served as Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Deputy Secretary◇▪, District General▼-, District General, Shanghai Municipal Committee, Municipal Committee, Municipal Governme.

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