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[protein purification industry jobs]Original title: Do not let the fraternity-◁●, can not be missed ★●▷”dustpulmonary disease” miner miners suspected of suffering from dustpulpage, and hope to obtain corresponding compensation after confirmation▲○◁▷, this is the basic right of law given them, and the whole society should have Human care■△□▲. ▲ Guizhou Aerospace Hospital•◆▲■. Image Source□•▪▽: Guizhou Aerospace Hospital official website Liu Xueong recently, Guizhou Zunyi 3 dustpiculum disease diagnosed doctors were detained for more than 7 months after obtaining protection•◇▪. Recently●▲◆, according to the news report, Fulai Coal Mine▪□◁★, who was involved in Suyang County, at least 7 miners diagnosed as dustpiculmonary disease, in the three doctors were detained in July, “alleged fraud■-” After being arrested, after the detainement of 1 month, he got a regular trial■▪, but it did not get a clear statement of guilty. 2 digits in the first three doctors are “suspect▷▲.

Zhongxin Net Heze May 28 (Sun Tingting) “Yellow River into Lu Lu first city” Heze will take the Yellow River Dike landscape corridor and the Yellow River Skull Gallery is a link-=, and six along the Yellow River and the Yellow River Temple County, excavate Along the yellow, along the Yellow River Skeleton▲★◆=, Folk, Farming, Red, Ecology and other resources, the development of the Yellow River style cultural tourism product system based on agricultural research, farming and farming, folk cultural experience, etc.•☆◆○, =-=”Yellow River Ecological Cultural Tourism Both “Yellow River Sparanda Boutique Cultural Tourism” two “gold ribbon”. Heze is the first city of Lu Ren, 185 kilometers long in the Yellow River, flowing through the four counties in the east, Peony District=▷▲▷, Yucheng and Yucheng. The reporter has recently follow…◆□•?

Original title•◇: Shaanxi informed central environmental protection inspections•-▽△: Yellow River Wetland Protected Area was opened Near 10,000 acres from November 28th to December 28▲□, the Central Sixth Environmental Protection Insugation team launched an environmental protection inspector in Shaanxi Province, 2017 On April 11, the inspectors were fed back to Shaanxi Province. The Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to the inspecting and feedback, and has carried out relevant rectification work▪◆□◁, and the relevant requirements of the central environmental protection inspectors and •★”party and government matcharies, one post, dereliction accountability☆•★, lifetime The principle, according to law=◁▷=, grade classification to carry out investigation and processing, do truth from facts, objective analysis, precision accountability, and resolutely let ecological environmental protection-•▼, slow as, chaos, and harm the behavior of the ecological environment is disciplinary. According to the facts, according to the fac.Pectin manufacturer.