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[protein engineering in food industry]Original title: Two conferences Outline •▷●”clearly visible on March 19th, at the seventh plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress, Yigang is elected as the Peoples Bank of China▲◇. After 21 years of entering the Peoples Banking System, the Associate Professor of Economics in the United States in the United States finally became the helm of the entry 32 Jun•-•. “My mood is calm and solemn◁==▽, the mission is very sacred and glorious, I will do a good job according to the oath of the oath.•-=” Easy is so described to the experience and mood after the selection of the Peoples Bank. The newspaper newspaper report reporter reporter Shi Li took “real scholar official▼■•” “he is a real scholar-type official.” A peoples banking system staff reported to the reporter yesterday-★. Pl!

Xinhua News Agency-…◆▲, Beijing★•, May 26 (Yang Shujun=•, Luo Xin) The antique Laoshe Tea Hall Art Garden Hall floated to jasmine tea and the aroma of Oolong tea. On the 26th…□-, the 3rd Straits Cross-Strait Association Association – ◆…”The Yuan” of the “Tea” is held in Beijing, and the tea people in the Beijing Taiwan tea people share the wonderful tea. Observation tea, enjoy tea music, share -◇★..=□▲▪. Communication will be the theme of “tea”, from 12 communities on both sides, the tea companies in the Beijing Taiwan○•=, including the two strait tea industry, tea culture, tea art △▪, Tea technology and other topics carry out interactive exchanges-▲-◆, talk about high quality development of tea industry▼●●…. Bai Wenxiang, president of the Beijing Tea Industry Association◇•, said that the two strait tea culture is the same as the same source◆=▷◇, do a b▲▼…▼.

[Clarification of the Vice President of the Chinese Buddha Association=◁☆: “Buddha” is not equal to Buddhism] For the current “Buddha•◆” life, “Buddha” youth, what is the true Buddhist attitude-▷◆? Thirteen National Peoples Congress, Vice President of China Buddhist Association, Harbin Express Temple Station Jingbao Today-○, I responded to a video in the interview with the new network reporter. How do people in the real Buddhism look at the “Buddha▼▽” culture? Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh.

Original title: [Solutions] One article clearly understands the party and national institution reform programs (dry version) “The reform is large, the complexity of the impact, the interests of the interests, and there is a systematic ☆▼, Overall, reconstructed “- This is March 19th, the executive deputy director of the Central Policy Research Office▽•▲, the executive vice president of the Central Propaganda Department, Wang Xiaohui, issued a sentence in the•◇☆” Peoples Daily …-◇”…-, described This party and national institution reform. With the full text of “Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan”, the amount of information is proved that this is not emotion…△•. So, the ▼•”State Council Institutional Reform Plan” triggered during the two sessions and approved-★, which has made everyone feel the strength and depth of reforms – and it is only part of the program full. Program full te. collagen peptide amino acid what is blooming gelatinGelatin wholesale edible gelatin exporter gelatine bloom!