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[protein generator industrial foregoing]Zhongxin Network Guiyang May 27th (Yuan Chao) reporter learned from the Guizhou Provincial Fire Rescue Corps on the 27th that 21……▪◆:13 March 2021, the fire, direct cause of the fire, direct cause At the 2nd floor☆▪, the “Qing Yun◁■▲” private room is above the junction of the inner corridor◁•=, and the cable in the cable tank cartridge is electrically causing an electrical line failure to ignition around the flammable. On the evening of March 14, Guiyang City Fire Rescue Detachment Command Center received a warning of the Ark scene of Yunyan District, Guiyang City, and the detachment immediately adjusted 7 fire rescue stations●▷=, 24 fire trips, 111 fighters rushed to the scene to save After more than 100 firefighting warpersons struggled, 22▪□:.

Taiwan Xinbei Mayor Zhu Lilun has been invited by the invitation group to Jiangsu Province and Shanghai. This is also his first time to visit the mainland as a new north mayor. It is understood that Xinbei Mayor Zhu Lilun has led to Nanjing, Suzhou, Kunshan and Shanghai-▲▽●, Jiangsu…▼, Jiangsu, China. In addition to meeting the official representative of the continent, it will also participate in activities such as Taiwan△=◁. Zhu Lilun, New North Mayor: Guests with the Lord. We take the initiative to arrange our own Taiwan=▲☆, Taiwan business▽•, and our own public (talked), and there is no direct relationship with the so-called end of the year. The Kuomintang people believe that Zhu Lilun visits the mainland and is open new living road for the deadlock on both sides, and can accumulate political energy for himself. The Kuomintang peoples Day Rai Shi★△□=: It is still a bit early in 2020, but he went this, of course his political ener.

Original title: Communists must read the Marxism “Truth” (Peoples Almighty) “Peoples Daily” (April 27, 2018) Xi Jinping comrades pointed out that Marxism is the “Truth•◁□” of our Communists. ” True Jing “did not read it◁-▲○, always think about” Xi Tian to take the scrub “, it is necessary to delay the event! Emphasizing Marxism is the -▷◆…”Truth” of our Communists△◁★△, requiring the Communists to read their own ▷=”Truth”▷★●, fully reflect the relationship between the Communists and Marxism ○■”Body” and •☆◁”Soul•◆□★”. We must deeply feel and grasp the new era of socialism with the new era of the new era of socialism with the new era. In the 200th anniversary of Marx=▪●, the Communist Party Declaration issued the 170th anniversary, some people still think about ◁□”We.

Original title: It is contrary to the international rules and the era=□. It is inconsistent (bells) as one of the main founders of the International Trade Rules◇▷★. The United States has a significant “destroyer▪△” nature, buried in the world, this It is the reason why international public opinion is universally disappointed and worried. Recently◆▼, the US government waved the trade protectionism=▲▽◆, and constantly threatened imported commodity tariffs. According to the logic of US President Trump, the United States this world-wide big country is a “victim” of free trade, and ▽△”suffering from unfair treatment” in the global trading system. The US thought that he made such a scorpion, he was a standing to “moral highland=•”. But the real scene is that in the face of the excuse of the US government and the exhibition◇=•, the international public opinion is refuted from each othe=○.

China Unicom has enriminated the first “transcript” after mixing in March 15□△. The profits have risen sharply, but the total profit is still low▼▲. Mixing brings changes in institutional mechanisms, but this change is still in gestation. After mixing, I played over the A-share company performance showed that China Unicoms income growth in 2017 was mainly achieved from both income and cost. In 2017, the annual revenue revenue of RMB 24.92.2 billion was achieved year, an increase of 4.6% year-on-year; the total profit reached RMB 2◆■.38 billion▲▲★●, and the net profit attributable to parent company was RMB 430 million, an increase of 176☆▼••.4% year-on-year. The mobile service has become the main income growth point. Unicoms 2017 power management◆▽▪-, innovation launches “ice cream package=▲” and other high-end packages-★, market segment★▼●★, precision marketi●=◇. collagene pure supplier what is bovine hide hydrolyzed collagen peptides

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